About 2019-2020 Spring Semester COOP Process

About 2019-2020 Spring Semester COOP Process

Dear Students;
The students below must send their files until tomorrow 11 00 (AM). Otherwise all responsibility belong to them.

Adem Demir
Bawar Masoud Taher
Mehmet Maruf Yeşilmen
Mohammed Nihro Ahmed
Mohammed Sarhad Jawad
Sarhang Omar Hamad
Birkan Kont
Mohammed Dashti Kakıl


Dear Students

As you know 6 weeks completed during your COOP process. Now in order to continue and therefore for finishing COOP you need to do followings completely. According to situation you will be informed about COOP for next steps.
1- Open the attached file and fill the things inside completely.
2-After finishing the file change the name of the file as Your NAME-SURNAME/SCHOOL NUMBER
3-In your email write on subject part as NAME SURNAME /SCHOOL NUMBER/COOP INFORMATION.
4-Send your email to tomorrow (14.04.2020) until 17:00 o’clock.

You can dowload required file from here.