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About Pandemic Process and New Decisions

Dear Students; With the newly published circular; in case of submission of approved course schedule that university students can receive from their departments, It has been reported that they will not be subject to curfew restrictions. So in this case; Students under the age of 20 can continue their education face-to-face. (Approved Course schedule must […]

About Project Management Experiences Series

Dear Students; Project Management Experiences Series Starts on November 18!!!!!!!! We are launching an online webinar series in which Kalyon Holding’s managers will share their knowledge and experience through webinars. In the webinar series, which will start on November 18 and continue until January 6, 2021, many issues from project design management to production and […]

About 2020-2021 Fall Semester Midterm Exams

Dear Students, As the decision of the University Senate and Engineering Faculty, the midterm exams will be “take home exam” and will be held between 23.11.2020 and 27.11.2020. The duration of these exams will be maximum 3 hours or less. Exams will be upload on OYS or Google Classroom. Because of this, it is very […]

About Multidisiplinary Integrated Project Course

Dear Students; Following classroom code is common code of Multidisiplinary Integrated Project course for Engineering Faculty. The students who take this course must join this google classroom as soon as possible. There will be common studies and all responsibility belong to students who don’t join this google classroom. Classroom code: 25xxxit