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About 2019-2020 Graduation Ceremony

Dear Students; The students who are on the graduation list must notify their participation status to Res. Asst. Enes Tabak via email until 16.09.2020,  13.00 o’clock. In your email you must notify their status from one way as follows : I will not Participate the ceremony. I will participate the ceremony as online. I […]

About 2019-2020 Online Summer School

Dear Students; Google classrom codes of the summer school courses which have been opened in our department can be downloaded from following link. Please join your classroom(s) with related codes. Announcements regarding courses will be done in these classrooms. All responsibilty belong to the students who don’t join google classrooms. You can download classroom codes […]

About Summer School

Dear Students; The students who will take summer school from our department, they can have information about registration and summer school calendar from following link.

About Single Course Exam

Dear Students; Single exam list is attached. The students who are on the list must join to related course google classrom immediately. All responsibilty belong to the students who don’t join google classrooms or enter the exams. Exams will start at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. You can download single course exam from here.

About COOP

Dear Students; Within the scope of Summer School, it has been decided to open COOP. In order to learn about COOP more, Our students must contact with our new coop coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. Dia Eddin Nassani.

About Summer School

Dear Students; The students who wants to take course from other universities, accepting the conditions which have been specified before; they should fill the attached file, sign it and scanned it. After that the students must add course contents of other university which they want. In one file, they must send these documents to Res. […]

About Single Exam

Dear Students; You can apply for single exam between the dates of 30.06.2020-01.07.2020. Single exam will be done between the dates of 02.07.2020-03.07.2020 at 10:00 o’clock. Single exam applications and single exam will be done as ONLINE. Therefore; 1-Please fill the attached file completely and sign it. 2-Scan your file. Photos are not accepted. 3– […]

About 2019-2020 Summer School

Dear Students; If you want to take a course or courses from other universities, it is required to provide following conditions. 1-The course or courses which you want to take, should not be opened in our department. 2-Education language must be in English. 3-Course credits must be at least same with the course credits of […]

About 2019-2020 Summer School

Dear Students, Final version of the courses which will be opened in summer school as follown. Opened courses in our department must be taken from our department. The courses which are not in the list, you can take from other universities which give education in English Language. Also these courses must have same course content […]

About COOP Coordinatorship

Dear Students; Res. Asst. Özge Çiğdem Özelmacı Durmaz has been assigned as COOP coordinator according to the decision of Head of Civil Engineering Department. You can contact COOP coordinator Res. Asst. Özge Çiğdem Özelmacı Durmaz and Res. Asst. İbrahim Halil DEGER about COOP process.