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About Make-up Exams

Dear Students; According to our university regulations, the students those did not attend midterm exams due to a valid excuse must  apply to faculty secretary with their petition and official papers. The students who did not apply with stated manner, will not able to take make-up exam. Therefore please do your application until 22.11.2022

About Our Students

Dear Students; Following students must contact with our faculty secretary Mr. Süleyman Barıtlı as soon as possible. Güler BARAK Mustafa Kemal AFACAN Nur MUSTAFA Yunus Emre YETİM Bahri Berke KIZIKLI Kerem TAMMO İbrahim KAPLAN E-mail:

About Summer School

Dear Stduents; Students who have taken courses from our university in the summer school, passed the courses they took and finished all courses for graduation, must urgently reach our faculty secretary, Mr. Süleyman Barıtlı.

About Final Exams of Summer School

Dear Students; Final Exam dates of the courses which are given by Asst. Prof. Dr. Amin GHAREHBAGHI are as follows. Water Resources Engineering (CE471) final sınavı: Exam day: Monday (22.08.2022) Exam time: 14:00 (2 PM) Engineering Hydrology (CE371) final sınavı : Exam day: Tuesday (23.08.2022) Exam time: 14 (2 PM)