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About Classroom Change

Dear Students; The classroom of following courses have been changed. Courses will be continued from new classrooms. CE241 Material Science : MF102 CE223 Strength of Materials: MF007 CE221 Dynamics: MF008 CE461 Foundation Engineering: MF007

About Single Exam Courses

Dear Students: The dates of Single exams which will be applied by Asst. Prof. Dr. Kadir Sercan BAYRAM  as follows: Probability and Statistics: Monday, 10:00 a.m Occupational Health and Safety: Monday, 13:00 p.m

About 2021- 2022 Fall Term Single Exam

Dear Students; Single Exam schedule is as follows. Please do your application in due time. You can do your application via department secretary (Gülfem Tanrıkulu) Single exam application start date:          12.10.2021 Single exam exam application deadline: 15.10.2021 Single exam date:                            […]

2021-2022 Fall Semester Google Classroom Codes

Dear Students; Google classroom codes of the courses which have been opened in 2021-2022 fall semester are attached. Announcements regarding courses will be done in related classrooms. If you don’t find any course code, please contact witrh your lecturer as soon as possible. 1-Please enter this classroom without waste time. 2-Before entering any google classroom […]

About 2021-2022 COOP Process

Dear Students; 1-The applications and transcripts of the students who applied for COOP in the fall term were evaluated in the light of the following articles of the COOP regulation. 2- Review your status from the file named COOP Status Review Result. Students who do not have a name although they have applied should contact […]

2021-2022 Fall Semester COOP Process

Our students who are able to do Coop in the 2021-2022 Fall semester (this semester) should email me their names, surnames and student numbers until Wednesday, 15.09.2021 at 12:00.( Please review your transcript to make sure that you have taken all courses until the 7th semester (all 6 semesters) and that you have completed all […]