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About Us

Vision is to be nationally and internationally well recognized in civil engineering education, research, enterprise and serving to the local community.

Our ambition is to play a key role as an educational hub for civil engineering in the region as the only trust university. With this key ambition in mind, our mission is to maximize opportunity through generating knowledge and innovation, and supporting the economy through employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge transfer.  Further, to provide our students with quality education in civil engineering via project based learning approach for lifelong learning perspective.

Our future objectives are

To establish/adopt/improve the project based teaching and learning for active student engagement and student centered learning,

To ensure that students gain lifelong learning skills and abilities via project commitments and build critical thinking,

Build an industry – academy network to foster best practice from practice and cutting-edge knowledge from academia,

Build the academic teams with the right skills and quality to contribute to the faculty activities in teaching, research and enterprising,

Provide state-of-the art learning opportunities informed by cutting edge knowledge and professional practice.

About Us