Head of Department’s Message

The Hasan Kalyoncu University Civil Engineering Department was established in 2009 and has given its first graduates in 2014-2015 academic year. Recently the department has formulated the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives and given wide publicity.

Planning processes in Civil Engineering Department involve stakeholders (eg. students, professional bodies, industry representatives, teaching staff) in establishing goals and objectives and reviewing and responding to results achieved. For these purposes, the department has assigned an Advisory Board comprehensive all sectors which have been mentioned before. The quality of delivery of courses and the program as a whole is regularly monitored with adjustments made promptly in response to feedback and to developments in the external environment affecting the program. Student learning outcomes are clearly specified, consistent with the National Qualifications Framework in Turkey and requirements for employment or professional practice in the field of Civil Engineering. For continuous improvements, the curriculum was modified three times to satisfy high level of learning outcomes. While the curriculum was revised, efforts were made to ensure that it complied with the broad requirements of the National Board of Higher Education (YÖK) and MÜDEK guidelines in addition to European Standards. Inputs from academic experts from other universities were obtained and suggestions were taken in to account.

The department offers undergraduate program for civil engineering, and post-graduate program for Master and PhD studies. Teaching medium is English, and all modern teaching and learning facilities are available. Teaching staff are Qualified for UG as well as PG programs. The department offers Educational Assistance for Students such as Orientation programs; Office hours per week; Education System OBS for academic information; Online notes provisions, Academic Guidance / counselling and club for students, Libraries and Laboratories for experiments and research work. The department gives a special attention to alumni as well to assure about their situation and to support them in joining the industrial field.

At present Partnership Arrangements with other Institutions program is exist, and the International Co-operation is exist as well. The department always work for significant and appropriate contributions to the community, and the community service is established drawing on the knowledge and experience of staff and the needs of the community for that expertise. Therefore, the department works to activate the role of faculty members in providing assistance and support to others, as well as providing benefits to the civil engineering department itself by improving its capacity to attract high quality students.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amjad KHABAZ