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Dear COOP students; 1-In COOP internship; During the full closing period, Those who have the permission given by the company in which they made COOP  will continue to go to the construction site or office and continue to write their internship notebooks.  PERMIT DOCUMENTS RECEIVED FROM THE INSTITUTIONS EXPIRE on 7 MAY 2021. THE COMPANY […]

About Final Exam Schedule of AIIT 2 and Turkish Language II Courses

Dear Students; Final Exam schedule of AİİT II / TURKISH LANGUAGE II courses are attached.

About COOP Process During Full Closure in Turkey

Dear COOP students; Due to full closure of COVID 19 in Turkey, COOP process will be as follows (This announcement is only valid for the ones who do their COOP in Turkey.) 1.If your company will remain open and continue its activities during the full closing process, you can continue the internship with the permit […]

About Make-up Exams of AİİT II / TÜRK DİLİ II Courses

Dear Students; Make-up exam schedule of AİİT II / TÜRK DİLİ II is attached.

About Medya Okuryazarlığı Course

Dear Students; Following students must check their system For the Course of “Medya Okuryazarlığı” midterm exam. 181103001 Cuma YILMAZ 121503038 Kübra ÖZGÜLER 171503033 Mehmet Burkay AKYILMAZ 161503486 MOHAMAD HAMU 151503037 Ömer YALÇIN 171503040 Yunus TOPRAK