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Summer School Course Schedule
About Summer School

Dear Students; Applications and registrations for the 2021-2022 academic year summer school will be made online between June 29 (as of 13:00) and July 2, 2022 via You must complete your financial registration in order to be able to register. Summer school course selection processes are made on the same screen as the course selection process […]

About Summer School Courses

Dear Students; Following courses have been decided to be opened during summer school. Water Resources Engineering Engineering Hydrology Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete Theory Reinforced Concrete Structure Elements, Probabilty and Statistics Differential Equations.

About Summer School

Dear Students; The students who will apply for summer school need to do their applications to faculty secretary Mr. Süleyman Barıtlı with the name and course code of the course, either by hand or with mail. Payment process will be done by hand. Mail:

About Students who will enter the Single Exam Course

Dear Students; The student list who will enter the single exam course is atttached. Exams will be held in the dates of 22-23-24 of June. THE STUDENTS WHO ARE ON THE LIST MUST CONTACT WITH THE LECTURER WHO HAS BEEN SPECIFIED IMMEDIATELY. EXAM SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED.