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About 2020-2021 Spring Semester Exam Schedule

Dear Students; As in the previous semesters, 2020-2021 Spring Semester Midterm Exams will be held on the OYS system or the Google classroom. Midterm exam schedule and google classroom codes which were previously shared are given in the attachment. Therefore; -For the information about the exams, you must be in the Google classroom of the […]

About Compulsory Attandance of Courses

Dear Students; Regardless of online or face-to-face education, in ALL COURSES, the compulsory attendance is seventy percent (70%). All our students are required to attend their classes on time. All responsibility belong to Students who attend to their classes less than 70 percent.

2020-2021 Spring Semester Google Classroom Codes

Dear Students; Google classroom codes of the courses which have been opened in this semester are attached. Announcements regarding courses will be done in related classrooms. 1-Please enter this classroom without waste time. 2-Before entering any google classroom please check name and code of the course. 3-The responsibilities of the students who do not enter […]