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About Crisis Management

Dear Students; If you are taking Kriz Yönetimi=Crisis Management Course which is a free elective course from Dr. Mazlum Çelik you need to follow homework rules as follown. Homework: Download an article which has been written about Crisis Management and summarize it by your words in 5 pages. Template: Writing type:ARIEL Punto: 12 in normal […]

About COOP and COVID Process

COOP program of COOP students has been delayed for three weeks starting with 16.03.2020 due to COVID 19 process. If there is an update regarding situaton required announcement will be done. During specified dates students must not go COOP field.

COOP Hangout Callings

Students who did not send their emails for google hangout must send their emails to Otherwise they fill be absent for first video attandance. Barış Fidan Furkan Çiftçi Mohammad Dashti Dzayi Mohammed S. Jawad Enes Özdişli Mücahid Özkul Ömer Çokküçük Cihan Polat Halil Ayaz Bawar Masood Taher Mehmet Maruf Yeşilmen Muhammed Nihro

About Technical Elective Courses

Since CE433 Ground Improvement Techniques and CE414 Environmental Science and Technology courses were closed, students who chose this course were transferred to CE431 Quantity Surveying and CE434 Construction Equipment courses at the same time on the same day. Students are required to check the course registrations.

Single Course Exams

About Single Course Exams Physics 2, Strength of Materials, Foundation Engineering single exam courses will be done tomorrow at 10 o’clock in Engineering Faculty. Before exams half an hour ago you must be in Res. Asst. İbrahim Halil DEGER’s office.

Attention to 2. and 3. class Students

During 2019-2020 Spring term course registrations all 2. and 3. class students must select MATH214-Numerical Analysis course. If you face with any trouble about selecting this course you can contact with your supervsior and it is mandatory to select this course.