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About 2020-2021 Course Registrations

About 2020-2021 Course Registrations

Dear Students;

Tomorrow is the last day of course registrations. Please the students who have not made their course registrations yet, they must do it as soon as possible. Students who have registered for the course are required to send an e-mail to the research assistants that they have completed their course registrations and are waiting for approval.If your registration is rejected and there is a problem, it is important that you send an e-mail so that we can reach you.

Res.Asst.Ç.Özge Özelmacı Durmaz: ocigdem.ozelmaci@hku.edu.tr

Res.Asst.İbrahim Halil Deger: ibrahim.deger@hku.edu.tr

Res.Asst.Enes Tabak:enes.tabak@hku.edu.tr

Res.Asst.Ali İkbal Tutar:aikbal.tutar@hku.edu.tr