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About 2021-2022 COOP Process

About 2021-2022 COOP Process

Dear Students;
1-The applications and transcripts of the students who applied for COOP in the fall term were evaluated in the light of the following articles of the COOP regulation.
2- Review your status from the file named COOP Status Review Result. Students who do not have a name although they have applied should contact our department until Monday (20.09.2021)   as latest.

3-In the file named COOP Process, what you need to do is given in detail.

4- There are documents that you need to fill in the file attached. The documents must be submitted to the COOP coordinatorship (Res. Asst. Ç.Özge Özelmacı Durmaz  ) by Tuesday (21.09.2021)   next week.

5-Students who submit their documents must choose the COOP course during course registration. Together with COOP, they can choose courses they failed until the 6th semester  and online courses from the 7th semester  but they cannot choose face-to-face courses.
Note: It is valid for the pandemic process.

Press here to download COOP Files.

COOP Status Review Result