Graduation Project

Dear Graduation Project Students

As of 2019-2020 Fall semester, the process applied in the graduation projects has been updated. You can find details about the updated process below. If you have a question about the process, You can contact our department graduation project coordinator Dr. Mehmet Sakin or graduation project İbrahim Halil DEGER.

We wish you all success during your project.

Project lists can be download from here


Updated Graduation Project Process

1)Graduation projects will be completed individually or in pairs, in groups of three.

2)Project-Group matches will be announced on 24.02.2020 on the graduation projects website.

3)After the Project-Group matches are completed, students will start working with the advisor of the relevant project.

4) Each group will meet every week with the advisor of the project and will write down the decisions taken / given after each meeting and the developments regarding the project in the “Project Attandance- Tracking Form” below.

5)All groups will write an interim report about the project in accordance with the format of “Graduation Project Template”  as it has been given below until March 20, 2020, and will deliver the report to advisor and Res. Asst. İbrahim Halil DEGER.

6) All groups will write the latest version of the project reports in accordance with the format of “Graduation Project Template” as it has been given below, until 08.05.2020. They will deliver them to Özge Çiğdem Özelmacı Durmaz and İbrahim Halil DEGER for template control.

7)After first checking controls of graduation project and updating once again the projects, for the last template and similarity control students must deliver their projects to Res. Asst. Özge Çiğdem Özelmacı Durmaz for similarity and İbrahim Halil Deger for template control.

8)The final reports, which have passed the last control, will be delivered to both the advisors and İbrahim Halil DEGER both on CD and in print until 01.06.2020.

9)Graduation interview dates will be determined for the final project presentations. During the presentation, each group will prepare a presentation explaining their projects.

Note 1: There will be no stretch in the “Important Dates” included in the Graduation Project. Students who do not comply with the deadlines and do not fulfill their responsibilities will be deemed to be unsuccessful in the direct project course.

Note 2: Plagiarism rate in the final report of the Graduation Project should be maximum 30%. Otherwise, groups with more than 30% plagiarism report will be deemed unsuccessful in the graduation project course.

Note 3: For announcements, all graduation project students all students must join graduation project google classroom with the code of 7m6i3wm


31 January 2020 Last day for submission of the title + abstract of the Graduation Projects by the Faculty Members to Coordinatorship
20 March 2020 Last day for submission of Graduation Project Interim Report
8 May 2020 Pre-control of template + plagiarism Graduation Projects
12 May 2020 Pre-control of template + plagiarism of CO-OP Reports
15 May 2020 Last day for submission of graduation projects (consultant template check completed)
1 July 2020 Jury Presentations


Project No Supervisor Project Name Form Number of Students
2019-F01 Prof. Dr. Yusuf Arayıcı -Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project Details 1-3
2019-F02 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amjad Khabaz -Study and Design of High-Rise Concrete Building Using Computer Aids Project Details 1-4
2019-F03 Asst. Prof. Dr. Dia Eddin Nassani -Design of Structures using SAP2000 Project Details 1-4
2019-F04 Asst. Prof. Dr Muhammet Çınar -Influence of Various Waste Material on Fresh Properties of Cementitious Grout Project Details 1-4
2019-F05 Asst. Prof. Dr Hüseyin Çağan Kılınç -Performance Analysis of ArcGIS in Stream Flow Forecasting of Göksu River Project Details 1-3