About Crisis Management

About Crisis Management

Dear Students;

If you are taking Kriz Yönetimi=Crisis Management Course which is a free elective course from Dr. Mazlum Çelik you need to follow homework rules as follown.

Homework: Download an article which has been written about Crisis Management and summarize it by your words in 5 pages.

Writing type:ARIEL
Punto: 12 in normal writing , 14 in titles.
Line spacings: 1,5 cm
Page spacings 2,5 cm for each side
When you send your homework as an email you need to write in subject part as
Out of 5 pages you need to prepare a cover page in which you write your name-surname, course name, article name and its writers.
Evaluation: 40 % template and 60 % content
Submisson: 17 Nisan 2020 by emailing to .